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Why Movie T-Shirts Make Great Collectables.

Collecting movie merchandise is a popular hobby – and there’s lots of awesome things to collect.

Items collected include action figures, pin badges and autographs.

Not to mention DVDs (and in more recent years Blu-rays).

Even vintage VHS and Betamax have become highly collectable - with some rare releases fetching hefty prices.

But what about movie tees?

You don’t hear of people collecting t-shirts as a hobby – BUT every now and then a vintage film shirt will appear at auction and can fetch a decent price.

So they must be collectable – and the more I think about it the more I think movie  t-shirts are a great investment.

Most people will purchase a shirt, wear it a few times and then throw it in the bin.

But why not keep it?

In this blog post I’m going to argue why you shouldn’t throw away those awesome movie tees.

Masters of The Universe T-Shirt

There are FOUR main reasons why people collect things:

  1. Nostalgia

People like collecting things because it reminds them of a certain period of time. It gives them that warm fuzzy feeling of Nostalgia.

And this rings true for movie t-shirts.

Because what’s more nostalgic than a t shirt displaying your favourite movie design?

Movies from the 80’s and 90’s can still be found on t-shirts today. Cult films such as Star Wars and Pulp Fiction are still sold on the high street.

And the thing about film tees is… when you wear them you spread the nostalgia to other people too.

BUT don’t just limit yourself to t-shirts depicting movies of the past.

Because shirts with designs of current movies have the potential for nostalgia too - and the longer you hold on to them the more nostalgic they’ll be.

You see t-shirts printed to coincide with the release of current movies might never be printed again.

Only a small number of iconic movies get licences to keep printing years later. IE Star Wars or Back to the Future.  

Recent films such as Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One or Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War might never be printed again.

So imagine how much nostalgia you’d feel pulling these t-shirts out again in 5, 10 or even 20 years from now?

And how cool you’d look when you’re the only one wearing the tee - because everybody else threw theirs in the bin years earlier?

That’s right - you’d look the mutts nuts! So don’t throw them away. Your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Invest – collect an item in the hope that it will increase in value over time.

Some people collect as a form of investment - they hope their collection will become more valuable over time.

And movie merchandise has the potential to do just that.

In 2016 a rare action figure of Star Wars Boba Fett fetched a whopping £26,000 at auction. Original Movie Posters can be extremely valuable too – last year an original 1931 Dracula movie poster sold for a record $525,800 in Texas.

But film t-shirts can be worth small fortunes too.

Some vintage movie t shirts can fetch between £50 and £60 just for one tee – even if it's been worn.

Imagine if you kept them in mint condition? How valuable would they be then?

If you’re collecting to invest - there are three things that determine value over time:

  • Rarity – How rare is the item?

Most people throw away their t shirts after wearing them a few times - you don’t hear of people collecting movie tees.

And this can make them extremely rare over time.

This is especially the case for obscure movies. EG Horror B Movies from the 1980’s have become extremely popular.

Merchandise for B Movies can fetch a lot more than blockbuster films of the same period. Because it’s so rare.

So imagine if you had a collection of Original B-Movie t shirts from the 1980’s. Depicting films such as Re-animator or The Evil Dead. You’d be sitting on a small fortune!

  • Demand – Is there a demand for the item?

Were movies are concerned there’ll always be a demand for any sort of merchandise. Most films have a fan following - and so there’ll always be someone that wants to buy the t shirt.

Whether it’s a collector or someone who just wants to wear it – and if the t shirt’s not available on the high street the demand will be greater than supply which pushes up the value.

  • Condition – The greater the condition the more valuable it will be.

It’s hard to find vintage movie t shirts in mint condition. Tees aren’t often seen as collectable. People wear them and then throw away.

Vintage movie shirts you do see have usually been worn - yet these still fetch decent prices. So imagine if they were in mint condition. How much would they sell for then?

Sports collectors have long been on onto this fact. Vintage football shirts are worth a lot of money – and so collectors buy football shirts whilst on sale and store them for the future.

The same can be done with film t-shirts. But the great thing about movie tees is you can buy them for a fraction of the price of football shirts. Which leaves lots of room to grow in value over time.

So next time you receive a movie t shirt as an unwanted gift (Maybe it doesn’t fit or you already have the tee) - then consider keeping hold of it.

You never know it could be worth a lot more in years to come.

Tip - If you’re collecting film shirts as a form of investing – then we’d recommend buying licensed shirts.  These are limited to however long the licence runs, and official items are usually more sought after by collectors.

Beetlejuice T-Shirt

  1. Relates to a Passion or Hobby

If you love movies then t shirts are a great way of expressing your passion – and you get to show off your passion to the world by wearing the t shirt for all to see.

You can collect a particular niche too.

There're tees covering every film genre you can think of. Horror, Comic Movies, Sci-Fi - even TV t-shirts.

And unlike other collectables, t shirts are relatively inexpensive – so collecting them won’t cost you the earth.

  1. To display and admire

People love to collect things that they can display – so that they can observe and admire their collection. It gives collectors a sense of pride.  

But what better way to display your collection than wearing it - and showing it off to the world in the process.

Also the artwork on some t shirts can be AWESOME – so why not frame them?

Football shirts can be framed and displayed so why not movie tees.

You could even have your movie tee signed by a celebrity at a film convention. Just imagine how awesome this would look in a framed display!

And movie t-shirts are easy to store too – they can be folded and stored away so don’t have to take up much space.

So next time you go to throw out your old film tees then think again.

Maybe you do collect film t-shirts?

If you do we’d love to hear about it. How big is your collection? Let us know.

If not – then why not start your collection today?  

Take a browse of our movie tees available HERE




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