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Why Movie T-Shirts Make Great Collectables.

Collecting movie merchandise is a popular hobby – and there’s lots of awesome things to collect. Items collected incl...

How to authenticate a movie stars autograph - and where to get them.

Owning your favorite movie star’s autograph is awesome. It’s like you’ve captured a glimpse of their life – even if i...

Five 80’s cult film characters that have become immortalized in popular culture.

It’s coming up to 30 years since the 80’s ended and the further we are from this decade the more we can appreciate ho...

Wales Comic Con Review 2018

‘You have reached your destination’ said the automated voice of the Sat-Nav. Glyndwr University looked to be on our ...

Cosplay ideas for girls to stand out in the crowd

Geeky Face - Awesome Female Cosplay suggestions for 2018.....  Nothing Beats turning up to a comic con, seeing the la...

Horror film conventions in the UK 2018

Why wait until Halloween for your next horror fix? There are lots of awesome horror movie conventions throughout the ...

GEEKY FACE Movie Newsletter One

So this is the first ever Geeky Face blog post. Each week we will aim to publish a new post reviewing the latest movi...
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